About Me - Photos by Darko

Almost 30 years ago, I took my first photo. It was fall, the leaves all around me were vivid shades of red and gold, and I stood with my father on top a hill, surrounded by trees. I took a photo of those trees with our old, Soviet made Zenit SLR camera, and ever since, I've been chasing that elusive perfect photo. After we were done, my father took me home the same way we came - him pedaling our old black bike, and me sitting on the crossbar, on a blanket that was wrapped around it. This is one of the earliest memories I have.

For the last 14 years, I've called Colorado my home. My family arrived here as refugees of the civil war in Bosnia.  Shortly after arriving here, I bought a film camera - it still lives on my shelf. When digital cameras became available, I bought one of those as well. That one -  you've guessed it - lives on my shelf as well. Then, I bought my first DSLR, and I haven't stopped taking photos ever since.

My passion is hiking through the mountains of Colorado with my family, while my two four-legged friends are running around us. Most of my early photography was landscapes and animal photos, but as my interest in photography has grown, I found out that I really enjoy capturing the expressions on faces and making those moments eternal. Today, most of my time is spent taking photos of people when they are happy - weddings, family photos, babies, pet photos - but my dogs are not shy about reminding me about walking the mountains with them as well.

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